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About Premier Diamond

Established in 1983, Premier Diamond Cutting Limited, is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality, perfectly proportionate, and uniform polished diamonds. Since its inauguration, we are actively innovating new ways to enhance diamond cuts. Hence, our diamonds are held in high regard as one of the most beautifully cut diamonds in the world.

Our passion for diamonds and its beauty has propelled us forward in the industry. At Premier Diamond, expert cutters and assorters, who share the love for diamonds, pay meticulous attention to detail in order to achieve the most ideal proportions and total uniformity.

The Premier Cut

Since proportions and symmetry heavily impact the light performance of a diamond, strict quality control standards are implemented at each step of the production and assortment processes for consistency. As a result, every piece of our Round Brilliant Cuts from 0.01ct to 2.0cts and various Fancy Shapes of 0.30ct and above, are perfect in proportions, symmetry, ratios, and measurements.

Our sorting team, with years of strenuous training and tests, then re-check each diamond to ensure that they are true to their respective GIA color and clarity grading classifications, even for our melee size diamond parcels.

The 5th C

Our idea of perfection is customary to the 5Cs we follow, Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Consistency. Since our diamonds are identical, they can be set in any order or formation with zero adjustments to their jewelry setting. When set with our diamonds, jewelry will look more dazzling, elegant, and luxurious. Customers can leverage our cut quality to complement their jewelry creations, while reducing time spent sorting themselves.

Our Cuts

Round Brilliant Cuts and Fancy Shapes in our production


A beautiful Hearts and Arrows pattern can be seen in diamonds that are symmetrical and cut to an ideal proportion. At Premier Diamond, our triple excellent Hearts and Arrows cuts have quintessential proportions and a perfectly symmetrical pattern.

Double star

A signature cut admired by many luxury jewelry brands. These 57-facets round brilliant cut diamonds have a unique pattern viewed through the table. Instead of a regular arrow, an additional layer of stars can be found within.


Our heart shaped diamonds are known as the ‘Happy Heart’. We strictly use high-quality rough diamonds that are generally allocated for high-grade Round Brilliant cuts. The most distinguishable traits of our heart shapes are the tables that are like those found on the Round Brilliant cut and the perfectly proportionate lobe, belly, and wing.

Oval and Pears

With our make, every ratio and proportion are carefully taken into account to prevent our diamonds from having unwanted shadows and light leakage.


The proportions for our radiant cut diamonds are carefully calculated to emit brilliant flashes of fire and scintillation.

The Innovation

While ‘Premier Cut’ diamonds have already achieved perfection in their own regard, with the help of modern technology, our research and development team once again is set to redefine the boundaries.

The proprietary-developed patented cuts are nothing short of spectacular. The ‘Sunflower Cut’ and the ‘Premier 65’ have brought us to another dimension of the word ‘ideal’. Results from light-performance machines have shown the highest possible measurements in Brilliance, Scintillation, and Fire.


Premier Cut Diamond

The proportion of the Premier Cut Diamond allows maximum light projection and reflection throughout the diamond towards the surface.

Too shallow cut

Light escapes through the bottom, creating dullness and lifeless diamonds.

Too Deep Cut

Light escapes from the side, creating deep and dark shadows within a diamond.


Premier Cut’s Symmetry

Asymmetry Cut

Premier Cut Diamonds are perfectly symmetrical, meaning all facet placements, proportions, and shapes are a mirror image. This allows light to reflect evenly, maximizing brightness, scintillation, and fire while minimizing light leakage.

This superb cutting quality can be easily viewed by using a standard 10x magnification loupe.






Through a pattern loupe, 8 perfectly shaped Hearts can easily be seen from the bottom view, and 8 perfectly symmetrical arrows from the table up position. This is a distinguishable trait only found in diamonds that are perfectly proportioned and symmetrical.


Double Stars

Double Stars

A pattern exclusive only to Premier Diamond. Through a pattern loupe, 8 perfectly symmetrical arrow-shaped vertices can be seen along with an additional layer of the same pattern inside.


To achieve ‘The Premier Cut’ and our patented cuts, only the highest quality of rough diamonds were selected. Specialists aided with technology then polish the diamonds to microscopic detail. Advanced machineries are employed in every step to test the light performance and decrease the margin of error. The technical prowess of our specialists ensures customers that our diamonds are polished to their fullest potential.

Global Responsibilities

We believe that it is our responsibility to help promote transparency in our trade. Therefore, we strictly operate under the guideline set by the OECD and the Kimberley Process. We only source our rough diamonds through De Beer’s auctions and Sight holders in Belgium.

For any questions or inquiries regarding our company or products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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